What is the Emmett Method?

The Emmett technique developed by the Australian Ross Emmett has only been known for a short time in Europe. A variable and flexible
approach to body therapies. This unique, very gentle and non-invasive technique is focused on immediate pain relief, improvement of
mobility and an enhanced energy flow.

The Emmett method addresses muscle and connective tissue, joints and tendons. Light pressure on certain neuromuscular points leads to a desensitization of the affected area and to an instant release of tension. Through activating the muscle memory, the brain receives the
possibility to reassess and correct the original trigger for the neuromuscular problem.

This gentle physical release of tense and clenched muscle groups leads to an immediate deep relaxation of the body and harmonizes the
whole organism. The individual set of moves can be direct pressure point holds, slow slides, slow and quick moves. The moves are often
applied on the meridians or on special energy points, however without focusing on theenergy flow.

The pressure varies between 4 to 20 seconds, depending on the client’s body response. In some rare cases the pressure might be longer.
The response, the so-called „jump sing” after slowly releasing the pressure might be a twitch, wink of an eye or a deep breath. Through
careful awareness of the client’s body and its response the therapist can offer tailored treatments.

Using targeted linguistic means the client is led to new self- awareness on a psycho-emotional level and “the mind is reprogrammed”.
Needs and problems are analyzed on multi-levels and symptoms can be reassessed. Applying the set of moves is like dancing with the client.

The changes of the individual muscle groups are internalized immediately through movements, e.g. 3x sitting down and getting up. In this
way positive changes can be experienced right away. The effective and quick changes are always fascinating! The most fascinating part of
this technique is its flexibility. The Emmett technique can be combined with other methods and techniques or be used as a therapy on its
own. The Emmett technique is therefore called the chameleon among the various methods and therapies!

Who is it for?

The Emmett method is used by a variety of medical professionals and practitioners in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. This new
technique is suitable for chiropractor, physiotherapist, body therapists, ergo therapist, masseurs, nurses, geriatric nurse, midwives,
practitioners and physicians.

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