Bowen is a subtle method stimulating the whole body, developed in the mid of the 20th century by the Australian Tom Ambrose Bowen (1916-1982). Tom Bowen, an ordinary man, developed this technique without any medical training, ascribing his knowledge to his natural talent. Tom Bowen opened his own clinic and treated up to 13.000 patients each year (Study by the Victorian Government 1975). With gentle inputs (moves) on muscles, tendons, and nerve fibers self-healing powers are activated. The body recalls its original state and is led to this state again by this type of therapy. Bowen follows the principle „less is more“. After a set of moves follows a pause, allowing the body to absorb, to process and to integrate the healing impulse. The technique seems unspectacular and the actual work of the body system starts after the therapy session. It is possible that the symptoms worsen within the first 48 hours after the session. These so called healing crises occur, when the body begins to process the received impulses and triggers the healing process.

What does Bowen do?

Bowen brings the body back to balance and harmony • Bowen leads to a deep relaxation • Bowen activates the self-healing powers • Bowen stimulates the circulatory system and the lymph flow • Bowen stimulates the nutrient and oxygen intake • Bowen relaxes the muscles and tendons • Bowen improves the mobility of the muscles and fascia • Bowen keeps the body fit, flexible and smooth • Bowen creates positive emotions, affecting the whole psychoemotional state in a positive way

Who is Bowen for?

Bowtech works for almost everyone, from infants to seniors, for healthy and sick. The Bowen therapy has achieved great results after sports injuries and surgeries. The healing process was improved and was a lot faster.

Bowtech is effectively used for:

• Sciatica and back pain • Sprains • Knee problems • Tendinitis • Frozen shoulder • Stiff neck and whiplash • Jaw problems and bruxism • Stress and strains • Menstrual & hormonal irregularities • Problems during pregnancy • Migraine, vertigo and tinnitus • Menopause symptoms • Organic problems • Bronchitis and asthma • Allergies and hay fever • Fatigue and burn out • Bed wetting and a lot more.

Bowen for healthy people!

Prevention is one of the catch words of our times. If you bring your body into harmony, you are less likely to get sick. Bowen strengthens your immune system, improves your general wellbeing and energy and is therefore a perfect therapy for maintaining a healthy body, soul and mind!

Wahltherapeutin; Rückverrechnung mit allen Kassen