About me

Silvia Wolf Silvia-Wolf born on July 1, 1976 in Sterzing and raised in South Tyrol 1997-2004 education in physiotherapy at the university of Padua, working in Padua and Venice 2004-2013 working and living in Graz Currently I am living in Klagenfurt. I am in a caring relationship and my lively and wonderful daughter Alina Chiara is the joy of my life. My interests and therapeutic skills go far beyond body therapy. For many years I have been concentrating on healing methods supporting the individual as a whole. Experience and skills: • Relaxation techniques and meditation • Yoga • Aura reading and working as a medium • Body and home energy cleansing • Quantum healing • EFT • Working with the subconsciousness • Emotional trauma healing • Homeopathy and Kneipp therapy • Matrix energetics • Working with angles and angel symbols Education: • Physiotherapy • Shiatsu • Foot reflexology massage • Bowen therapy • Emmett therapy • Non-degree program in osteopathy and craniosacral therapy • Psychology of Vision by Chuck Spezzano

Wahltherapeutin; Rückverrechnung mit allen Kassen