Emmtech – The first aid seminar by Emmett The Emmtech seminar is a one-day workshop to get to know the Emmett method. Through demonstrations and intensive training you will learn the easy moves on the body. You will receive an overview of the Emmett method. You can apply the moves right away in your practice or at home – useable from birth to old age. In addition to the seminar material every participant receives a DVD with all the trained moves, ensuring that no knowledge is lost. This seminar is perfect for physicians, therapists, masseurs and nursing staff to gain an insight into the Emmett therapy and its effects. The workshop is also suitable for people who would like to help themselves and their loved ones in emergency situations. The following moves are trained: Optimizing balance Releasing constraints in the ankle Releasing water retention in legs Releasing cramps in calves Releasing constraints in the shoulder area Releasing restricted breathing Releasing numb legs, pain in knees and legs Releasing middle and lower back pain Releasing the constraints in lifting the arms Releasing movement constraints in the area of the upper legs Optimizing movement constraints of the neck

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